Jack Wilshere-A star in the making?

There have been so many success stories of the Arsenal Academy, the likes of Ashley Cole, Jermaine Pennant, Jeremie Aliadiere, Fabrice Muamba… the list goes on. But who is next in this line of superstars? Well it might well be Jack Wilshere, a young English attacking player who has been in excellent form for the u-18s this season. He is versatile and has an incredible goals-to-games ratio, but the most astonishing thing about him is that he is still a schoolboy. He’s not expected to sign scholarship forms until the start of next season, but will likely be introduced to the Reserves before then. There’s not too much information on him at the moment, so it’s just a case of watch this space.



  1. Well, Wilshere is more of an out and out goalscorer, whereas Bostock likes to control the game and use his skills to get past opponents. In my opinion, I think that he is better than Bostock, but only just. Although I wouldn’t mind Bostock at the Club as well

  2. well it might be a bit early next season, but he has real potential and Lansbury has done it this year so i don’t see why not

  3. it is difficult to compare him to Lansbury as Lansbury is more of a central player, whilst Jack prefers to drift out wide. I’ve watched Lansbury in the Reserves time and time again and he doesn’t seem to play well unless it’s a big occasion. Having said that, Lansbury is a good player for the u-18s and is regarded highly by Arsene Wenger. I think we will have to wait until at least next year to find out the answer to that question as I want to see how Wilshere adapts to playing in the reserves first.

  4. I do not think that Jack Wilshere is better than John Bostock because he is the best central midfielder in Europe for his age group, to me the likes of Jack Wilshere, Jacob Mellis and Dean Parrett are just a notch bellow John Bostock in the talent stakes, which by any means is know discrace, and it is great to know that we being England are now starting to produce top young midfield players IMO

  5. kent paul, Wilshere is the number 10 of the England U17 team despite being just 15. During the 3 qualifiers, he started 2 games, and was subbed for Bostock twice. Bostock started one and was subbed for Wilshere once. Maybe I’m reading to much into it, but make of it what you will. 😉

  6. I personally do not think that getting subbed at that age means anything because all the England U17’s coach John Peacock is doing is just giving every one some playing time and at that age group there is no such thing as a first team because it is about player development because he has about 30 players at that age to choose from so the likes of John Bostock, Jack Wilshere, Jacob Mellis, Dean Parrett etc etc will get rotated all the time IMO

  7. I saw Jack Wilshere play at Arsenal’s Hale End Training ground about 2 years agao & he really stood out for me. I’m no expert but over the last 12 months or so i have asked a few of the scouts following Arsenal & all they will say is he is a very special talent & if he can progress like he has been, playing well above his age group, he could well become a really special player for us.
    Anyone know what his injury is at present?

  8. im not being funnty but i do not rate jack wilsher at all ive seen him play many times as i live in the same town as him and hes nothing special i wven played in the same league as him before he he join arsenal and i know and other people know that there are so many more great technicly gifted players that live in england and hitchin were im frm and they never get a chance england are too fussy with players i know people like daniel maylin that go to hitchin boys school that are much better players he can take on a whole team by himself with hes outrageous skill i never understand why people like him never get scouted.
    this may be the reason why england have a poor international team because they have no technically gifted players that can do tricks to get passed people and score goals. this is why i find english players have gone down hill SCOUTS SCOUT FOR MORE SKILLFULL PLAYERS. as i find it rediculous that ther are so many players like daniel that deseve to be pro footballers and are better than people that are currently playing for arsenal. but anyway if there are any scouts reading this msg me back and tell me why there arnt skillfull players being scouted LOOK AT THE BEST PLAYERS EVER RONALDO MARADONA PELE RONALDINHO jsut goes to show skill gets you a long way

  9. Stumbled on this tryin to find a pic of Wilshere, hes got his first appearance and goal for the reserves, what a prospect, i know hes got a long, long way to go yet but i cant help but feel that we might see him in the carling cup next season, especially if he carries on like he is, any player who can get 12 goals in 11 games from midfield must have summin about em.

    As for the accusation that he isnt technically gifted, if depends what u mean by technical skills… scouts tend to look for players with great physicality, good awareness and composure on and off the ball and good TECHNICALITY in terms of passing and shooting. Dribbling is important but you can teach someone how to dribble, all those tricks can be learned where as composure, pace and awareness can be improved, but not learned.

  10. i think jack is a great talent iv’e played against him meridian school vs proiry school and we lost 5-3 and he scored 4 of them goals i tghionk he has so much potetial and rekon isf he keeps up his good work he can be playing regulary in the reserves maybe get called up to make his debut in the next two or so season.

  11. i agree with what you said but skills coannot be learnt in the way that some people can do them as for composure that is something that should come naturally to a footballer i think i had no reason to put things like that ie composure because if u cant do those things y wuld u be able to do skills? skills are a style of play and jack has none anyone even if they dont play footballball can sit there and pass the ball but it takes someone witth tallent to do skills i will repeat my comment id we keep getting poor players that arnt techinicly (SKILLFUL) playing for england they will not be in a european championship again

  12. omg i dont no where u head that from but the person that tld u tht must ov been blind if i ws c ronaldo i wld feel soo insulted

  13. Seems like someone on here might be a little bitter that JW is doing good for himself and feels a way because he couldn’t make it like JW.
    All I ever hear about him is that he’s one brightest talents in the English Youth System!

  14. Anyone watch his cameo tonight?

    Just hope Wiltshire keeps on developing, he already has 14 goals this season which is a very good return from the wing, especially for someone his size. He’s very small but seems extremely agile and has great balance, will still have to bulk up a bit but he’s still only 16 so he’s got a good few years. His close control was superb and his acceleration was impressive, he was stuck in a van Persie-esque wide position where he’d whip one into the corner, and he was stuck, 2 defenders in front of him and no where to go but backwards, but feinted a couple of times and despite looking completely off balance, nipped it to the right and was 3 yards clear of them in an instant, unfortunately he was too close to the keeper but still, great footwork and speed of thought.

  15. Laurence, you are one bitter so and so! You obviously know nothing about football if you don’t think Wilshere has an amazing talent. Why don’t you check out his goal for the reserves on youtube. I am also from Hitchin and Jack Wilshere is the name on everyones lips at the moment.

  16. At 16, Jack Wilshire is one of the most talented players that I have ever seen. Although I am only 27, I have been watching football for quite a while, and watching Jack Wilshire at 16 remings me when I first say Ronaldo (Brazil) at 18, Patrick Kliuvert and Clarence Seedorf at 16, and Kaka at 19. I genuinely believe he is that good. I know many of you heard the match highlights of Arsenal’s preseason game and Barnett, where Wilshire was amazing, and clearly the best Arsenal player on the day. A squad which also included the likes of Bendter, Walcott, Denilson, Clichy, Sagna, Almunia, and Justin Hoyte. The kid is certainly England’s best prospect.

  17. Hi. I’m a Crystal Palace fan and have finally got over the whole Bostock saga with news today that Victor Moses (lad you’ve been linked with in the last few days) has signed a new 4 year contract.

    Regarding Jack Wilshere and John Bostock’s comparitive ability, it really is a close call. Bostock only made a handful of first team appearances for Palace, but impressed me sufficiently (on his debut at 15) for me to be massively excited about his England future. Wilshere, on the other hand, has only come to my attention this pre-season. He looks fantastic and, like Bostock, appears to be technically continental, if you know what I mean. It’s Wilshere’s touch, poise and, in particular, his level and consistency of end product for someone so young that beggar belief!

    With the likes of Bostock, Wilshere, Jose Baxter, Victor Moses etc coming through, let’s hope that it’s a sign of better things to come regarding England’s future.

  18. laurence you really are clueless!!!

    Ive been watchin JW since he scored a Bergkampesque goal (V West Ham res I think) & now in Pre-season he looks amazing! Ive been telling everyone (Non Gooners & gooners) to watch out for this guy!

    he will make an impact in the Carling cup & continue his development from there.

    I havent been this excited about someone coming through the youth set up since Cashley Cole.

  19. From the look of things, Jack will soon become a great player. But is not time to start making comparison. Let give him time to showcase his talent.

  20. Fast forward to 2010 bastock is on loan at hull city from spurs and wilshere is a premiere league regular and a full england international at just 18yrs

  21. On 11 July 2013, Bostock joined Royal Antwerp in the Belgium second tier, on a two-year deal,where he stayed until the summer of 2014 when he signed for Oud-Heverlee Leuven.
    Well you see how the tables turn :/

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